How many people work for credit unions?

We had one big question when we started - how many credit union jobs are out there? After all, if we're a site dedicated to credit union careers, isn't that something we should know?

To answer this question, we knew we'd need data from the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). Specfically, we knew we'd need to leverage the NCUA's website,, to gather this data.

We grabbed the ASCII version of the most recent NCUA Credit Union Directory - the 2012 edition - from here and began digging in.

We imported the directory data into a spreadsheet using only tabs and commas as our delimeter. This gave us several columns and rows, including the name of every credit union in the United States, their mailing address, assetts, loans, number of members and most importantly... the number of full-time employees at each credit union.

After some spreadsheet formula magic, we had our answer:

In the United States, there are approximately 236,056 full-time credit union employees across 7,118 credit unions.

This means the average credit union employs about 33 people. We think that's pretty impressive, how about you? hopes that we can connect people and credit unions with all of those 236,000+ opportunities as they become available. You can search open credit union jobs by clicking here.

We anxiously await the next credit union directory to see how much growth the credit union industry has experienced in the years between!

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