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Credit unions are unique not-for-profit entities that provide financial services to their members. They exist solely to serve their members. Each member of a credit union is an "owner". Any profits made cover operating expenses and, generally speaking, money left over on the balance sheet after operating expenses are covered is typically re-invested into the credit union in some form. In many cases, credit unions use these profits to help lower costs for their members.


This constant re-investment helps credit unions remain competitive with large for-profit corporate banks, and that competition helps keep members happy. A credit union with happy members and a clean balance sheet helps create a stable work environment, and these stable work environments make working in the credit union industry an excellent career choice!


This stability, combined with the great people you'll meet and wide variety of career opportunities, is the reason we created - to enable great people to find great career opportunities in the credit union industry!


According to data we obtained from the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), there are over 236,000 people directly employed by credit unions (check out our blog for more details on the numbers). With nearly a quarter of a million credit union jobs, there is ample opportunity to work in the credit union industry!  


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"We enable great people to find great career opportunities in the credit union industry" 

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