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About Workforacreditunion.com

At workforacreditunion.com, we're on a mission - a mission to help credit unions and career seekers find each other as easily as possible.  We founded workforacreditunion.com after realizing credit union career opportunities were scattered all over the Internet. We want to fix that by giving credit unions and career seekers the ability to easily find each other. It is just that simple...and we want to keep it that way!


Why workforacreditunion.com?

Our Process

Our Results

The real question is - why not?


For credit unions, we provide you with a great value thanks to our partnership with Simply Hired - one of the largest career sites in the world. When you choose to post to both Simply Hired and workforacreditunion.com, your opportunity will appear on both sites - increasing visibility.


For career seekers, we hope to save you time and effort by not having to visit dozens or hundreds of sites to find a career in the credit union industry. 

Our process is simple, and we're proud of that. 


For credit unions, simply post your opportunity using our system.  Your post will immediately appear in not only our search results, but also Simply Hired's (when you choose the option to post to both).


For career seekers, use our search function to find opportunities that are a good match for you. It's just that easy...

Our results are easy to measure...


As a credit union, you should see instant results - your post should be visible immediately after it is submitted. Try getting results that fast at the gym!


For career seekers, your searches via our site will show posts from both workforacreditunion.com and Simply HIred.

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

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